Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Those All Important Wedding Day Details

In this post, I'd like to discuss the importance of the details when planning your wedding day.  It's only natural for you to first address the major elements like the venue, finding your dream wedding dress, the wedding rings, the honeymoon and the reception food.  But, in my experience planning, and attending weddings, the details are what I remember most:  the flavor of the groom's cake, the symbolism of the cake topper, that sentimental touch added to the bridal bouquet, the unique guest favors.  Have you put enough thought into these details?
A rosary brought back from a trip to Rome added a special sentiment for this bridal bouquet.
It just takes a little extra thought and preparation to add these special touches.  And, always try to discuss with your wedding photographer that you want to capture these details.  Here are a few images to offer inspiration and thought:

Personalize or localize your guest favors
Clever diy signs keep the mood light and fun.
Let the groom express himself with his favorite dessert
Make the groom's table fun and personal

Groom carries sentimental pocket watch

Does your groom have a hobby or past-time?

A memory table dedicated to those no longer with you.
Does Aunt Mary make wonderful jams or jellies?  Let those close to you know how special they are.

Put a little extra thought or time into making your wedding details meaningful and full of sentiment.  Your wedding planner can make helpful suggestions.  So, as you are planning the wedding décor, wedding cakes, or working with your wedding designer, remember to include some special touches that make the wedding yours and one that your guests will remember for a long time.    

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