Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Those All Important Wedding Day Details

In this post, I'd like to discuss the importance of the details when planning your wedding day.  It's only natural for you to first address the major elements like the venue, finding your dream wedding dress, the wedding rings, the honeymoon and the reception food.  But, in my experience planning, and attending weddings, the details are what I remember most:  the flavor of the groom's cake, the symbolism of the cake topper, that sentimental touch added to the bridal bouquet, the unique guest favors.  Have you put enough thought into these details?
A rosary brought back from a trip to Rome added a special sentiment for this bridal bouquet.
It just takes a little extra thought and preparation to add these special touches.  And, always try to discuss with your wedding photographer that you want to capture these details.  Here are a few images to offer inspiration and thought:

Personalize or localize your guest favors
Clever diy signs keep the mood light and fun.
Let the groom express himself with his favorite dessert
Make the groom's table fun and personal

Groom carries sentimental pocket watch

Does your groom have a hobby or past-time?

A memory table dedicated to those no longer with you.
Does Aunt Mary make wonderful jams or jellies?  Let those close to you know how special they are.

Put a little extra thought or time into making your wedding details meaningful and full of sentiment.  Your wedding planner can make helpful suggestions.  So, as you are planning the wedding décor, wedding cakes, or working with your wedding designer, remember to include some special touches that make the wedding yours and one that your guests will remember for a long time.    

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Distinctively Different Destination Wedding

There's nothing more beautiful or romantic than a wedding on the beach.  What more could you and your guests ask for?  Sounds of the waves, sand under your toes, soft sea breeze or exquisite sunsets? 
A beautiful beach wedding . . . because the weather is beautiful.
Sounds like perfection - but what if those waves are lapping up over the seawall, that wet sand feeling like mud between your toes, that soft sea breeze blowing so hard your veil goes flying down the beach, not being able to see the sunset because of the rain clouds hovering overhead?

This is when that dreamy beach wedding becomes the dreaded beach wedding. 

AAt JACKIE ROWELL EVENTS, we offer the perfect solution.  Why not consider something outside the box?  Offering rolling mountain tops, sunsets that display God's glorious rainbow of colors, leaves that provide your natural  décor palette in golds, oranges, reds and greens, or even a winter wonderland with real snow and shimmering icicles, the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Carolinas can be your distinctively different destination wedding site.  
The mill at High Hampton Inn and Cuntry Club
We have established relationships with some of North Carolina's most exclusive resorts and country clubs for you to choose from: High Hampton Inn and Country Club, The Grove Park Inn, and The Old Edwards Inn.  We also have available a horse farm on the outskirts of Asheville with a small chapel for your ceremony.  Each of these venues offers outdoor areas as well as indoor, for inclement weather.  Either way, your ceremony and reception are guaranteed to be different from anything your guests have experienced at other weddings.  At any of these venues, they will be bathed in luxury and nature simultaneously. 
The quaint chapel on the Oak Tree Farm property

The Blue Ridge Mountain range as a backdrop

Take advantage of the natural beauty for your ceremony.

Father/Daughter talk that scenic walk to the altar.
How joyous can a ceremony get?
Oak Tree Farm is a back-to-nature remote venue near Asheville, that is surrounded by the beauty of the Blue Ridge mountains.  The small chapel on the property is a storybook ceremony waiting just for you.  Enjoy the owners' picturesque  farmhouse for getting dressed and staying out of sight until ready for the ceremony, then after the ceremony, treat yourself and your guests to the fresh air and beauty that only Mother Nature can provide.

If you are planning a 2015 wedding, why not give your guests the experience of a lifetime and plan a wedding where they will breathe and feel the luxuries that only the Blue Ridge Mountains can provide.  We will take care of all the arrangements for you.  The only thing you have to do is decide which beautiful venue provides the perfect setting for your distinctively different destination wedding.